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Wayne Goss Makeup Brushes

My name is Brenda, and I am a YouTube makeup video addict. Wayne Goss is one of the first artist I started following, and when he came out with his first makeup brush collection I was so excited!  They were going to be cruelty free, high quality, soft, and he was investing only his life savings!  I couldn't wait to support his dream and knew the brushes would be magnificent. Then the videos started to pop up.  The reviews starting flowing and they were not that great. The biggest concern I heard that scared me was how short they were.  I love a long handled perfectly weighted paint brush, ink pen, pencil, etc on anything I use to be creative.  It's just something I like, so hearing they were short was a big turn off to me. So since I couldn't see them myself, in the US you can currently only buy them at Beautlish (, I decided I wasn't going to take the over $200 plunge. Then IMATS New York 2014 arrived (if you have not seen the video you can check it out here ) I went in Friday and made the purchases I had pre planned, then checked out everything else to see what there was and went back with lots of price list to do my homework. The first place I wanted to see Friday was the Beautylish booth that contained only the beautifully displayed Goss Brushes....and ohhh are they so soft, I went back just to see and touch them again before leaving. Saturday I went back with the intention of purchasing a differnt, larger, cheaper, brush set. MFG will stay disclosed.  I am on a budget after all and was trying to make the best business decision; good quality for an affordable price.  However that other MFG majorly pissed me off when I went to purchase their product and let's just say I walked away from that booth with no brushes in hand, their loss. I did walk over to the Goss brushes again figuring it was meant to be, I was suppose to buy them and this was God's way of telling me this was the set to purchase. I purchased them all except Brush 01 from the original "The Collection", all but brush 10 from "The Face Set", and all of "The Eye Set" (that was at the time not yest released, so I felt slightly special about the eye set).  The reason behind me leaving out Brushes 01 & 10 from my purchase is because they are a few of the most expensive ones and their primary use is for applying traditional foundation.  Since I airbrush these brushes are not as useful to me as the others.  And let me tell you they are beautiful!  I put them in my carry on for the plane ride home because I was to scared that my luggage would be lost if they were inside.

These brushes are all natural hair and should not be cleaned with alcohol based cleaners so I did purchase the Parian Spirit cleaner to properly care for them since they are an investment.  Here is a break down on the original sets, yes I know they are expensive but they were a splurge to myself for my birthday and I do not plan on using them in my kit on others.

The Eye Set & The Face set are the same price as if you where to purchase them individually, The collection is about $16 cheaper if you buy the whole set over purchasing individually.  I will say that I prefer my brushes from The Collection because they are slightly softer.  I was told at IMATS the first set was Blue Squirrel and the second two sets are high quality goat hair. 

Are the brushes amazing...Yes. They are by no means a necessity, but they are a great well spent splurge.  I love that they are 100% cruelty free, hand made, and they support a fellow artist's dream. They are not as short as I had been scared into thinking and I absolutely love getting ready in the morning with these, they are a little luxury in my day.

As Wendy Zomnir (Founder of Urban Decay) so eloquently stated "because it’s a spiritual experience to do your face every day and create who you are and express that to the world" .

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